An Old Man, Dragons, and a Cruel Magistrate (A Book Review)

If you were given a chance to meet a very powerful and magical person whom you will only meet once in 100 years, what one question will you ask? Are you going to ask the question that will make you happy or famous?

Grace Lin’s Where the Mountain Meets the Moon is a treasure chest of stories. The book tells the story of an ordinary girl Minli, whose life is made exciting and adventurous by more stories inside the book. These stories are like legends that speak of the origins of certain events or places in their poor village. From her Ma’s mouth, they are only stories, empty and useless since they would not be able to change the fortune of their poor life. However, as her Ba continues to tell Minli stories about the magical Old Man of the Moon, the Never Ending Mountain, and the Jade Dragon, Minli becomes more curious. She is actually pushed by these stories to search for a way to change their fortune. Her adventures aided her to meet different characters that would help her make the biggest decision of her young life.

Grace Lin's Flap cover

One important thing that I learned from the book is that stories, whether they true or just make believe, are not empty works of our mind. In the end, they speak of what we wish to happen, of our regrets, and even of our deep secrets. Stories speak to us. If we open our mind, we will find out later that they are precious jewels that cannot be replaced by any wealth. Stories keep the community one. They tell something about who we are and what we what to happen.

I will not spoil the fun. If you believe in hope, faith and gratitude, then this book is for you. If you don’t, then this will help you regain what you have lost.


Grace Lin’s Where the Mountain Meets the Moon is in XS-GS LRC. If you encounter a difficult word, just check the dictionary.

You only lose what you cling to.” – From the ripped page of the Book of Fortunes owned by the Old Man of the Moon


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