Day 4 of Appreciation Week 2010: Angelic Voices

This is the best day yet for the week. Why?

Three things:

Thanks to Miss. EJ Obillos for the picture.

1. The Grade 2 choir sang two songs, Prayer of St. Francis of Assissi and the Tagalogsong, Lagi Kitang Mamahalin. With their angelic voices, I and the other Grade 2 teachers were really touched. The choir did a very good job. While listening, I felt proud of them. We do not forget also to thank Mrs. Angeles for practicing the boys. 5 stars for the choir.

Thanks to Ms. Dorothy Gonzales, Gr 3-English teacher for sharing the video.

2. Some selected boys danced Justin Bieber’s hit Baby. WE enjoyed watching these boys groove to the song and bring out the inner “baby” in them. 🙂 Special mention: Vito Palou, you did a great job dancing with your shades. Thanks to Ms. Garcia for teaching them the dance.

3. Mr. Ronato, our Grade 2 Student Supervisor, also gave us a show of his talents. He

sang two great songs while he played the piano and also the guitar. After the song, some boys gave roses for us. Awwww. Touched again.

This was a great day for me. I really felt how Grade 2 students love their teachers. On my part, I thank the boys who made my day special by behaving properly in class and making the most out of our CLE meeting.

Xie xie.


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