Day 5: Fun Fun A-Day

September 17 – Last day of the Appreciation week and the true celebration of A-Day in Xavier School.

The day started with an early celebration of the  Feast of St. Lorenzo Ruiz, the first Filipino saint, in the Holy Mass. In the homily, Fr. Art Borja, SJ talked about self-sacrifice and the spirit of charity as the force that drove St. Lorenzo to give up his life for God.

This same self-sacrifice and spirit of charity also inspire the teachers in the school to continue doing their promise to keep the light in each student burning. So with this, Fr. Art asked all the students to give thanks to their teacher for their unending effort.

After the mass, we, the teachers, waited in the Lecture Hall for the students to fetch and “adopt” us to be their guest-teachers. I was assigned to Grade 6-G.

Being with Grade 6-G was fun and exciting. They served us so many delicious food that my plate was so full. Of course, I ate all them. 🙂 There were also games which were prepared by the student themselves. As the “party” closed, they gave each of us one plastic bag of “chicharon”. Yum yum. Thanks 6-G.

Appreciation week was really full of surprises. A-week is fun fun fun.


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