Grade 2: Second Quarterly Test Coverage

The second quarterly test coverage includes the topics listed on your SMB.

For those who lost their SMB, these are the topics you need to review:

  • Lesson 5, Jesus Welcomes us into God’s Family – pp. 1-5.
  • Lesson 6, We Celebrate Baptism with Special Words and Actions, pp.6-12.
  • Lesson 7, Baptism Does Many Things For Us, pp. 13-20.
  • Lesson 8, The Holy Spirit Helps Us Grow in Love, pp. 21-25.
  • Supplementary Lesson: St. Lorenzo Ruiz, pp. 26-29.
  • Supplementary Lesson: Holy Rosary, 30-35 and Hand-Out given.

Good luck! Soon, I’ll be posting a prezi presentation of the mind-map we are making in our CLE class.

Mr. Tuscano


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