Experientia docet!

Yes, experience is the best teacher!

Last November 16, at around 5:00pm, I found my self shocked and at the same time confused and happy, when I saw my name in the TOP 10 examinees for the Licensure Examination for Teachers. I thought it was great but I did not really know what that meant. Well, I just thought of getting a license. However, God was just great that He gave me more than I asked.

I am thanking now this opportunity (and webspace) to thank all the people who were behind me when I was preparing for this test:

– My family and friends who encouraged me.

– My fellow teachers in Xavier School.

– My students who inspire me to be the best teacher that I can be.

– to God! You’re the best!


2 thoughts on “Experientia docet!

  1. Congratulations Mr.Tuscano!You did not only paass the test but was 3rd placer.Father Johnny is surely happy that his faculty is part of the top3. Kudos!Take care and God bless po.:)

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