Second Sunday of Advent: John the Baptist’s Message

December 5, 2010 – Second Sunday of Advent

John the Baptist’s story was told in the Holy Gospel. He is the man of the desert, preaching to the people of Israel: “Repent! The Kingdom of God is at hand!”

John the Baptist is one of the few personalities of the Advent season. We know that his main role was to prepare the Israelites for the coming of the Savior. His strategy? Simply said, to preach to the people and help them feel sorry of their sins. Simple to do? No! He actually had a few people who were going against him. These people questioned his credibility. They did not believe in his message. Fortunately, many people did. They got baptized in the Jordan River and felt sorry for their sins.

From my class, the boys said that St. John the Baptist is big man of reminder for us this Advent. He tells us what to do: to repent for our sins. In the words of my students, to clean our hearts so we can be ready to receive Jesus. It’s like cleaning the room or the manger where Jesus will be sleeping on a cold Christmas night.

One thing more, St. John the Baptist teaches us to listen well. His message was not from him. He is a prophet. His message was from God. So, we need to learn to open our hearts and ears for the messages around us. Listen to the voices that help us come closer to Jesus. In our classroom boys, learn to listen also to your teachers and to your classmates. John the Baptist helps us to learn how to become a good listener so we won’t be missing anything.

Again, two lessons from this man of Advent: feel sorry for our sins and learn to listen to God’s voice.


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