In Less than Six Years

Last week was the launching of the much-awaited and most-anticipated award that Xavier School gives every year – the Xavier Award! In less that six years, my Grade 2 students will have the chance to show to everyone that they have what it takes to receive this award. Well, it seems that the school is looking for a saint.

Yes and No! Yes, because the Xavier awardee  should embody the six C’s that Xavier School aims to develop in every Xaverian – meaning he has to be a well-rounded person. And, No because, as a person, the awardee should be aware of his own areas of improvement, his weaknesses and mistakes. He must learn from these things.

So Grade 2 boys, if you dream to have this award, then start now. Start training and developing yourself, your talents and strengths. Start learning from your mistakes. Start from making simple good choices for God, for others and for your self.

Six years is long, but time will surely come when I will be very proud to say: “That Xavier awardee was my student in Grade 2! He deserves it!”

To inspire you more, here is the promotional video for Xavier Award 2011. Thanks to the NeXT Team, GSPO and the Xavier Award committee for this video. All rights belong to Xavier School.

Vodpod videos no longer available.



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