Resources for Class: Kids Calendar for January 2011

While surfing the net for materials to be used in my CLE class, I came across this great website: Creative Catechist. It is a treasure chest that contains articles, materials, activities and teacher’s tool in teaching the Catholic faith to children. They feature a newsletter/ journal for religion teachers. They also allow guests and members to download free materials and re-produce them for class. The people behind this website are networked with those who run and publish the popular Catholic Digest.

One popular material that they are sharing right now is the monthly calendar. Aside from helping your organize the events in your life, these calendars are also excellent for children so they can remember the important dates that we celebrate. There are also fun stuff like trivias and tasks that one can do in each day.

Below is the January Kids Calendar.

Link for Download:


Note: Picture from the Creative Catechist. Kids Calendar is a product/ free material from Creative Catechist website. The website allowed re-production of this material.


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