And School Year 2010-2011 Ends

As I write this, I can hear the loud, cheerful, and excited voices of students outside the workroom. That means exams are done. They are free to enjoy their looooong summer break. Well, another school year ends. Some teachers here are happy and at the same time, eager for the break. Yes, teachers are also eager to have a long break. Some teachers are sad to see their students leave.

How about me? Well, I am here writing my thoughts about what is going on outside. One thing that I want to tell every single student that I had this year: Thank you! I have learned much from all of you. I hope you also learned something from me. I am also sorry if at times I may have hurt your feelings.

I don’t want to keep this long. Lastly, whatever learning you find helpful to you, please keep them in your hearts. As you grow old (well, you have still a long way to go), apply the good things that you have learned from this year, whether from your teachers or from your classmates. These are the most important lessons in life – more important than candies, and toys. 🙂

Again, thank you! See you next year! (I can still hear the cheers of students outside.)


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