Catholics Come Home Website

A fellow CLE teacher recommended to me Catholics Come Home website ( which aims to help Catholics, non-Catholics and Catholics who left the Church to rediscover the Catholic faith and life. Personally, I liked one video titled “Epic 120” that introduces the Catholic Church to everyone. The video also made me feel proud about my Catholic faith, the rich history and journey of the Church for more than 2000 years.

Watch the video here:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Credits: Catholics Come Home


CA’s Life: Day 1 – Hunt for THE Bulletin Board

I believe that the quest for the best bulletin board is first in the mind of a new class adviser.
 I, for one, is ruled by
this principle. I feel excited doing this first task of a class adviser. Teachers often say that the classroom decorations, that is primarily the bulletin board, reflects the personality of the teacher or maybe a part of the being of the teacher. Based on my observations, this is so true. So, how will be my bulletin board? Gonna search the net for some cool ideas and let me see if my personality comes out from it.