A Short Reflection on the First Day of Class: Orientation, X-men powers and ice cream flavors

The first day of school ran so fast. I never imagined that orientation for my advisory class would pass by so fast. My students were just yawning in their seat because they suddenly have to wake up early. Some were just chatting about their summer and new toys. As for me, I was just introducing myself early in the first period, but now I am here in the workroom, catching my breath and relaxing my legs and feet. That was really a day!

To know each other, I had a short sharing activity in my advisory class of 4E. It was a simple round of saying one’s name and the catch, sharing one’s choice of power if he were a member of the X-men team or a mutant for that matter. Answers ranged from the usual mental telepathy, shape-shifting, phasing, laser beams from eyes, strength, and even until, weapon projection.

Yet one thing that kept me thinking was one student’s choice of power: to fix broken things. I was struck and at the same time happy of the thought of this answer. This power could be great. He imagined that it can be applied not only to broken things, but also maybe to broken relationsips. I thought that this would be great. No more quarrels. Everything could end happily. How I wish that we have this kind of power!

On a lighter note also, I was able to meet some of my other sections in Grades 4 and 5. A simple activity of sharing one’s name and for this time, their favorite ice cream flavor. As each student shared his favorite ice cream, I saw in their eyes and even in their facial expressions, the joy of just hearing the flavors. Maybe, they were imagining them already. Well, who could resist the delight of a cold, cold ice cream! One learning from this activity: Life could be as tasty as an ice cream!

First day’s done! I hope my students had a nice day. See you tomorrow!


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