One2One with Ipad2: Preparations

After 2 weeks of preparation, my One2One CLE class with Ipad2 is going to start next week. Why did it take me so long to prepare with this new thing in my CLE class? Here are the answers.

1. I do not have an Ipad. So, how can I have this kind of class? Luckily, Xavier School has an Ipad2 cart for the grade school. The Next Team asked me and Mr. Porquerino to test the Ipads. One word can only describe Ipad2: AWESOME! This gave me the signal to start brainstorming about my One2One sessions 

2. One2One is still a way of learning experience inside the classroom. This means being able to maintain a conducive learning atmosphere for the students. Classroom management routines should still be in place. However, with the Ipad2 in the classroom, how could I maintain the class which will be definitely excited with this gadget?

To address this, I talked to the Next Team to help me with this. They were generous enough to share their ideas in formulating the classroom rules and routines with Ipad2. Here is a copy of the Classroom routines that I formulated  for Ipad2 sessions. This is not a perfect list of routines but as time goes by I believe I can still improve it, with the help of course of my fellow Xavier teachers.

3. After the routines, now it’s the lesson. I am a CLE teacher and sometimes, some would ask how I can teach CLE using Ipad. Last year, I was able to use my blog for my grade 2 students to reach out to them in learning CLE. I also received positive feedback from parents who visited the site. Now, the challenge is to make CLE lessons that really use a specific gadget. Tough isn’t it? I also asked the the Next Team to help me look for apps that could be used for CLE lessons, like Bible apps etc.

I have already prepared a lesson for my One2one class. This will be the first time and I am hoping for the best. I also consulted by Department Chair, Mr. Alcala about my lesson and he was very supportive. I also invited him to observe me on that day.

4. Testing the Ipad with students also is very important. Not all students are Ipad expert. Some only use Ipads to play with. Thanks to Mr. Porquerino who ran the first Ipad testing, I was able to get some suggestions and insights from his experience.

I was able to announce to my 4E class about One2One learning two weeks ago. They were excited. So am I. So, here is the schedule for my One2One class with Ipad2.

July 21 – Study Hall Period: 4E Ipad Orientation

July 22 – CLE Period: Lesson 2: Jesus Lives in Palestine (Using Ipad2)

Everything is prepared! My first CLE lesson with Ipad2 is ready to go!


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