Ipad2 Lesson: Jesus Lives in Palestine

4E class had their first taste of iPad2 activity in the lesson, Jesus Lives in Palestine. A short background: This lesson aims to introduce the country of Jesus, as well as, the different places in Israel that are significant in the life of Jesus.

Instead of the teacher teaching the boys the different places through lecture, I let the students to discover by themselves the different places. For this activity, the students used Keynote, Holy Bible app and Dropbox to gather information and to share their research to their classmate.

The lesson went well. In terms of behavior, the noise in the class was acceptable since the students worked in groups. I expected discussion among group members. The feeling of excitement to use the iPad in class also contributed to the “buzz noise.”

In terms of the works of the groups, some groups achieved the expectation of providing enough information about the place designated to them. On the other hand, some of them mismatched the place and its importance to the life of Jesus. As a remedy, a short critique of their works was done on the next CLE meeting. Here are the works of my students.

The students had a lot of questions and concerns, ranging from “Where can I find this app?” to “Cher, Dropbox can’t upload our work!” or “Cher, he does not want me to touch the iPad!” No worries though since the NeXT Team came in prepared and ready to help.

In terms of feedback, the observers: Mr. Alcala (CLE Dept Chair), Mrs. Manguiat (Unit 2 AP) and Mrs. Bautista (co-teacher) had good ones. They were quite amazed on how the iPad was used for the first time in class, esp. a CLE class.

At the end of the day, the class was happy to have done something that they never imagined and expected to do in class. Of course, the class was already looking forward to the next iPad activity.


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