The Cross: Reflections of Grade 4E Students

In our blogging activity this morning, I came across some reflections that showed depth and sincerity, which I wasn’t expecting from Grade 4 students. Honestly, I was moved by their insights on the symbolism and meaning of the cross for us Christians. They were able to come up with some analogies like the cross as the bridge for man to go back to Christ or the cross as  a symbol life rather than death.

Of course, I am not telling that their reflections were perfectly written. In fact, most of my students had grammatical errors or even typo errors. However, going beyond these “errors,” I still feel proud that young as they are, they can already make sense and even communicate their learnings inside the classroom.

As for now, I am sharing to you a part of the blog that I really liked. This was the entry of Josef Panganiban:

The cross at olden times means death but one man changed that fact, Jesus. We all know Jesus died on the cross. We all know Jesus carried the cross. There at the cross he saved us from sin. So now let us remember… The cross now means the sacrifice of Jesus. Where did Jesus die? On the cross! Where did Jesus save us? at the cross! This means that the cross has a deeper meaning. Sacrifice is the meaning of the cross  for me. Whenever I see the cross Jesus comes in my mind. Sacrifice, love , faith in God comes in my mind every time i take a glimpse of the cross. It is hard to be a faithful friend , especially to Jesus…

Click this link to read more of the blog and the other blog entries of 4E students:


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