For 6E and 6H: Blog Entry #1: On Confirmation

Hi boys!

First, here is the website address of you class bog:

Second, here are the guide questions for the blog entry. Do NOT limit yourself to my questions. You can blog more.

žGuide Questions

a. What did I learn about Confirmation? How  do I feel about what I have learned?

b. Why should I receive Confirmation?

c. How can Confirmation help me become a true Christian witness?

d. How is the Holy Spirit present in my life? How has He helped me?

Third, deadline is September 13 (Thursday).


17 thoughts on “For 6E and 6H: Blog Entry #1: On Confirmation

  1. Cher, can I just do it here, it cannot work in kidblog. I learned that we will become better Christians, I felt good about it. To become closer to God. Praying more to God. It helped me in sports, I moved with the Holy Spirit to become better.

  2. a)I learned that when you receive Confirmation you will become a more mature Christian.I feel that being a more mature Christian is being closer to god
    b)I should receive confirmation to be closer to God.
    c)It made me a more mature Christian
    d)Before starting with my event I pray to the Holy Spirit to make me less nervous.It made me less nervous in my sports and my studies

    Sorry if I can’t post it in kidblog,I think I miss typed the wrong letters in your laptop so i’ll just post it here in your blog.

    Question:are there anymore questions to answer?

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