3 Wonderful Years of Blogging for Learning

40 218 views, 3 989 best single day record, 240 posts, 314 tags, 276 followers, 2 553 spams blocked, one blog.

Happy three years!

Exactly on the same month, three years ago, I started a blog and titled it “Mr. Tuscano’s Online Blackboard (OB).” For my students and I, the title spoke of what the blog was all about – to hep the students review or study what we have learned in class at their own convenient time at home.

Now after three years, this simple blog has expanded. After three years of teaching different grade levels from Grades 1-6, the blog has archived a lot of lessons and topics concerning grade school religious Catholic education or CLE or Catholic catechism.

Recently, I also have included a page that shares how I teach CLE as I integrate the use of technology. My blog was actually my first step in this venture for technology integration into a subject that other people do not exactly expect. I am fortunate that the school where I teach now, Xavier School, is a prime leader in integrating technology in the curriculum and learning experiences of students.  Hence, I now share online resources and apps that help me in my class.

2 years ago, I won a 6th Gen iPod nano for having best learning blog in our school.
2 years ago, I won a 6th Gen iPod nano for having best learning blog in our school.

Blogging was really a challenge. I failed to maintain a personal blog, but I was successful in keeping a personal learning website. There were days when I felt like giving up my learning website. It was just too tasking. Yet, what kept me going were the comments and feedback of my students and parents (and tutors) who appreciated my blog. This is the true accomplishment. It is not to be read by a lot of people, but to help and influence those that who stumble upon my blog.

Well, happy three years! Cheers!


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