Grade 6 Second Quarter: Lesson 6 – The Ten Commandments


Grade 5: How to add the iBook version of the Handouts in you iPad

1) First, you will need the iBook version of the lesson handout.

Download it from here:

For the sake of simplicity,  save this one on your desktop.

2) Launch iTunes.

3) Go to File > Add to Library, or simply hit Command+O

4) Select your iBook.

5) It will import to your “Books” section in iTunes.

6) Connect your iPad. (Note that you must have iBooks installed on your device. If you don’t, you can download free it from iTunes)

7) Make sure that your device is set to sync books as well.

8) Sync your device to import your iBook Handout to the iPad.

9) The iBook will show up on your bookshelf.

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