Be a PAC-man! One2One reminders

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I have always emphasized in my classes the being able to use iPads is a privilege and something that we should enjoy. However, as teachers, we are also aware of the importance of maintaining class conducive for learning and sharing of ideas. So I have developed three important big ideas that can serve as reminders for students as they go thr0ugh 0ne2one classes. This is most helpful with grade school students that may need more reminders in class.

  1. PROPER USE – To use the iPads in class, one must learn how to use them properly. In Xavier School, the Grade school students do not have yet their own iPads unlike the high school. We then need to borrow the school’s iPad card that contains 40 units. Since this is also used by other students, we often reminder them on the proper use and maintenance of the iPads in class.

  2. ACTIVE PARTICIPATION – As they use the iPads in class for different purposes, they are also asked to become active participants in class discussions and learning activities. This is to make sure that they are still guided to become active seekers of knowledge and shares of information to the class.

  3. COLLABORATION – This is another important trait that I want to instil to grade schoolers, that they used the iPads in class to collaborate on works and project, not only to their schoolmates but also to their fellow students around the world.

Be a PAC-student!


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