Sample Lessons/ Assessments using Tech (Part 2)

VI. Presentations in Class

As teachers, we may ask students to look for information and share them through reporting in class. Thanks to the ease of using iPads, students now can use a mobile version of the Keynote. I have observed how students easily use the Keynote through simple tapping and dragging some aspects of the presentation.

App Needed: Keynote for iOS or Keynote for Mac

Sample Lesson: report on specific information needed in class. this may be used with a webquest activity.


VII. Fun with Practice Test Using Socrative App

299983_10150340722987803_524012802_9530208_4181270_nEver since I started to using iPads in class, the Socrative app is one of the best apps that I have encountered. In a few words, Socrative app gives students a chance to answer quizzes made by teachers in a fun way. It includes individual quiz mode or a space race mode that enables students to play against each other. Over the years, Socrative has been updated to support more test formats and a better UI.

App Needed: Socrative for Teachers and Students

Sample Activity: Log in Socrative for Teachers to upload your quizzes and tests.

VIII. Poster-Making with Pages

Students can also take advantage of Pages for iOS by using it to make posters or to present information creatively using templates present in the app.

App Needed:Pages for iOS or Mac


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