Things to remember when creating lesson plans using iPads and apps

Last year, I was able to reflect on some of my practices in doing one2one lessons in class. I was able to reflect and share my ideas and experiences in planning and creating lessons plans with ed tech integration. Here are some of the things I shared:

  1. Be aware of your objectives for the activity.

  2. If you are clear with your goals, then look for an app that can be used to make the activity more fun and engaging for students

  3. Never build your learning activities around an app.

  4. Be aware of the functions and limitations of the app that you plan to use in class. Explore and practice.  

  5. Always go back to your goal and to the context of your students. Check their tech literacy level, their age, and even their behavior.

  6. Check whether your learning activity and app are aligned to your objectives.

  7. Think outside the box. Think different. Consider every possibility in designing lesson plans with tech.


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