What My Students Say about Google Classroom: A Simple Survey

It’s almost the end of the school year in Xavier School. The Grade 6 batch will be graduating from the Grade School. This also marks the end of my initial use (experiment) with Google Classroom in Grade 6. My CLE Team in Grade 6 started to use Google Classroom at the end of the second quarter as part of our One2One iPad integration in our curriculum. It was very timely since we had enough time at the end of the quarter to introduce the new classroom management app from Google.

After a few weeks of using the app, we deployed a simple and short survey that aimed to gather information on how they used Google Classroom in class. The response was generally positive. It showed how the students were very willing to try out new things. For their part, this meant suspending their use of another app that we use in class for our subject.

The use of Google classroom app was very helpful for us CLE teachers. It helped us manage our students’ journal and reflection essays, collect interactive posters and keynote projects, and also upload materials and practice tests/ formative assessments. Because of our frequent use of this platform, our reservation and actual use of iPads and Mac labs increased.

Some notable things that transpired in our use of this platform included an improvement in the way they write their reflection essays – less spelling and grammatical errors. It gave them the chance to include images to their essays, much like, giving their essays a good lay-out. However, I think a study is needed to assess how the use of this platform helps their actual scholastic achievement, though. On the other hand, I also acknowledge the fact that it has helped me since it gave me easy and efficient ways of managing my class, files or resources.

Here’s a summary of the result of the survey we had.



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