Lesson Planning Guide using 5Ds Framework

The 5Ds Framework offers five aspects of learning and teaching where technology can be integrated. As the teacher plans for each lesson, the framework becomes a reminder for the teacher to plan and prepare well for the lesson. Technology-integrated lessons, in reality, require more careful planning and dedication.


Shown below is an instructional design planning guide for tech-integrated lessons or unit. The instructional design guide is neither prescriptive nor limiting. It is design to accommodate the various lesson planning frameworks or styles used in various schools or districts. The 5Ds Framework for instructional design, instead, helps ensure that the tech-integrated learning activities in the different part of the lessons are carefully planned and that tech tools are meaningfully and purposefully used. Moreover, the instructional design guide also highlights the importance of giving feedback throughout the learning process. Hence, guide questions to help teachers planned feedback-giving mechanism using tech tools are also in place.

Last, the instructional design framework, eventually, through the use meaningful and purposeful use of tech tools, supports the teacher to lead students from passively consuming content or knowledge to critically interacting with the content. Eventually, this leads them to actively and reflectively contribute to content creation or knowledge building and sharing. In the end, 5Ds Framework help make learning more dynamic through the careful planning and use of tech tools in class.

Take a look at the planning guide and the guide questions, which serve as support or reminders for learning and instructional designers.


Click this link: Instructional Planning Guide for Tech-Integrated Lessons/ Units with 5Ds Framework

For feedback, questions, or suggestions: email at francisbtuscano@gmail.com

Screen Shot 2016-07-08 at 11.46.55 AM

Copyright: Francis Jim Tuscano (Manila, Philippines, 2016). Educators may use this lesson planning guide, provided that information of the use is sent to Jim. Full credit to Jim is also expected.


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