Hot off the Press: Pedagogy Toolkit (iBook Store)

I am proud to share that the international collaboration among technology integration experts, or more specifically, Apple Distinguished Educators, has been published in the iBook Store. The Pedagogy Toolkit showcases how the use of the iPad supports research and evidence-based pedagogies and opens us for more possibilities in fostering 21st century learning skills in students. The project was conceived in the Berlin Apple Distinguished Educators Worldwide Institute in July 2016. The multi-touch book was co-authored by Nic Ford (United Kingdom), John Hart (Finland), Missi Stec (United States), and Francis Jim Tuscano (Philippines).

Pedagogy Toolkit includes various ways on how the use iPad in the classroom can support evidence-based strategies and practices involving Phonics, Reading Comprehension, Metacognition and Self-regulation, Feedback, and Collaboration. Exemplary works of students, sharing of faculty and student about their experiences, and suggested apps are also included in the book.

Screen Shot 2017-06-18 at 10.42.06 AM

Download the multi-touch book from the iBook Store here.  For educators in the Philippines, the iBook Store is not yet available in the country, so, an iTunes U companion course is in the pipeline and will contain an iBook version of the book which can be downloaded in your iOS devices.


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