empowerED Podcast Special Series: Quick Intro to Online Distance Learning

In response to #covid19‘s effect on education systems, empowerED Podcast releases a special 5-episode series on online distance learning (ODL). The episodes cover an introduction to ODL, lessening learning loneliness, designing ODL units and assessments, edtech tools for ODL, and learning tips for ODL students. This is our contribution in helping schools and learners transition towards ODL. 

S0301: What is Online Distance Learning – Understand what online distance learning is and how it is different from face-to-face learning in the classroom. 

S0302: Lessening Learner “Loneliness” in ODL – In online distance learning, an important reality to be considered is transactional distance between the learner and teacher. Learn how teachers can lessen its effect on the learner. This is part 2 of the 5-episode series in response to the #Covid19 pandemic effect on education

S03E03: Designing Online Distance Learning Unit and Assessment – Understand what needs to be considered to increase and sustain interaction among learners and teachers in an online learning unit and how to integrate assessments strategically in order to help students learn deeper and better.

S03E04: EdTech Tools that Support Online Distance Learning – In this episode, edtech tools that can help and support ODL are discussed.

S03E05: Tips for Students Undergoing Online Distance Learning – Learners can survive and thrive in an online distance learning environment. Here are some worthwhile and essential tips for students enrolled in an online distance learning class. 

Listen on Apple Podcast: https://apple.co/2kHX53u or Spotify: https://spoti.fi/2kEpabQ.


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