#grateful: 1 Year of empowerED Podcast with Francis Jim Tuscano

Almost a year ago, I launched the empowerED Education Advocacy and Platform with three basic goals: to transform the education landscape, elevate the teaching profession, and celebrate every teacher. To achieve these, the first of the empowerED Platforms that I planned and produced was the empowerED Podcast with Francis Jim Tuscano. It simply started with the idea of recording podcast interviews and conversations with the most amazing educators, innovators in the classroom, and school leaders around the world. I wanted to have sincere conversations and discussions with the best minds in the field of education because I, too, wanted to learn from them. But more importantly, the core mission of the empowerED Podcast was to give the Filipino teacher a voice-a platform to amplify and share the joys, challenges, and opportunities in becoming an educator of generations.

empowerED Podcast Season 1 Banner with Episode Guests

After a year, I am genuinely happy and proud that the empowerED Podcast has produced 5 seasons and 56 episodes of truthful and meaningful conversations and discussions about current and relevant issues about education, the teaching profession, and the students. Because of this unprecedented time of the pandemic, I was able to produce two special series (or seasons) that talked about distance or remote learning and how teachers, school leaders, students, and parents can make sense of the pandemic. These series were picked up by organizations such as HundrED as relevant resources for teachers and school leaders as they navigate the uncharted territories of education in a pandemic.

Unexpectedly and worth-celebrating, the empowerED Podcast found some success as it charted in the Top 200 Education Podcast on Apple Podcasts and Spotify in some countries. Here are our chart achievements:

  • Apple Podcasts
    • All Podcasts: the Philippines, peaked at #46
    • Education: the Philippines, peaked at #11 (consistently charting)
    • Education: Denmark, peaked at #11
    • Education: Singapore, peaked at #21
    • Education: Indonesia, peaked at #62
    • Education: Chile, peaked at #102
    • Education: Canada, peaked at #114
    • Education: Qatar, peaked at #116
    • Education: Australia, peaked at #123
    • Education: Great Britain, peaked at #200
  • Spotify
    • Education: the Philippines, peaked at #57 (consistently charting)

empowerED Podcast and I are simply #grateful for these achievements. In a special way, we thank our incredible guests who shared their time, expertise, and passion in the different episodes that we have successfully published. Every conversation was made special by each of our episode guests. Finally, thank you to the loyal listeners and subscribers who have inspired empowerED Podcast to continue asking questions that matter in education, amplifying the voice of every teacher, and celebrating our profession.

Watch our short video below to know more about what empowerED Podcast has achieved in its first year. Listen and subscribe to empowerED Podcast with Francis Jim Tuscano on Apple Podcasts: https://apple.co/2kHX53u or Spotify: https://spoti.fi/2kEpabQ .

Music: Scott Holmes, Hotshot (Licensed under CC BY NC ND

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