Listen and Learn: Top 10 empowerED Podcast Episodes (September 2019-2020)

empowerED Podcast continues to celebrate its first year! For this post, we will celebrate the top 10 episodes that caught the interest of the listeners and got the most streams in the various podcast platforms where empowerED Podcast is available. Like all the guests that empowerED Podcast had, these 10 amazing guests dove deep into the current issues that surrounded their specific field of expertise in education and gave us so much insights to think about. To let you listen again or if you are just listening to these episodes for the first time, a Spotify Podcast Playlist was made for you. Check it at the end of this post.

Here are the Top 10 podcast interviews and discussions:

empowerED Podcast Top 10 Episodes’ Banners

  1. S05E10: Global Voices feat. Dr. Dina Ocampo – The New Normal in Education: Challenges and Opportunities
  2. S05E01: Global Voices feat. Armand Doucet: Maslow Before Bloom and Teacher’s Voice at this Time of the COVID-19 Pandemic
  3. S02E12: Frederick Sotto Perez – The State of Literacy in the Philippines and How Educators Can Help Learners Become Better Readers
  4. S05E02: Global Voices feat. Dr. Deborah Netolicky: Challenges that Teachers Face and the Support They Need at this Time of the Pandemic
  5. S05E03: Global Voices feat. Dr. Nadia Lopez: Equitable Access to Learning for Students at this time of the Pandemic
  6. S01E01 with Peter Esperanza on Number Bender and Teaching Math with Technology
  7. S05E05: Global Voices with Zarah Gagatiga: Fostering Literacy in Times of School Closures
  8. S05E08: Global Voices with Christian Williams – Personalized Learning
  9. S05E06: Global Voices with Ryan Wong: School Readiness and Flexibility in Times of Emergencies
  10. S05E14: Global Voices feat. Bro Dennis Magbanua – How the Pandemic is Reshaping School Leadership