On Discernment: A Short and Personal Blog

The past two weeks were stressful (what’s new, lol). But on a personal level, the stress coupled with excitement, fear, and many more emotions made things more and extra-difficult. The act of discernment is never meant to be easy, but it definitely evokes one’s deepest desires, emotions, and aspirations. So that when one lays down all the possibilities and choices on the table, one’s perspective might become clearer. Yet these processes do not happen overnight.

Discernment is not meant to be done in one sitting, unless you are an expert of it, of course.
It is also not always about leaving a certain place, your old life to walk a new one. It might also be staying in the same place, but having a renewed perspective on one’s purpose or goals. It can also be about saying no, for now, to new opportunities because there are certain things that you want to finish first. In the end, it can be about stepping out of yourself and looking at your life from afar, seeing where you have come from, what you are doing now, and what might come in the future. But, hey, no one is stopping you from moving to a new life and welcoming new experiences.

Maybe, what matters in the end though is being at peace with one’s final decision. There is no guarantee that after discernment every single question in life will be answered. I bet, more questions will come out. But, faith in one’s decision as well as being at peace with it make the difference. Faith in Him is an assurance that the next steps in one’s life, while unsure or challenging, will be worth it.

C’est la vie.