About empowerED

empowerED is Francis Jim Tuscano’s professional learning platform that aims to guide and help teachers, school leaders, and education institutions to design positive, sustainable, and scalable education programs that address challenges in the education sector. empowerED envisions a thriving education sector driven and led by creative, courageous, and empowered learners, teachers, and school leaders.

Drawing from his extensive experience and track record as an internationally-awarded educator and education innovator, dedicated school leader, sought-after education consultant, and speaker, Francis Jim Tuscano, through empowerED, leverages design-thinking, technology innovations, data from classroom-based research, and learning science in designing effective personalized learning experiences (project-based workshops) for educators and in crafting education programs and initiatives for school leaders and organizations.

empowerED inspires creative and sustainable education innovations and thrives in ever-changing and challenging landscape of education.