About Jim Tuscano

Education Technology Specialist and Trainer  Professional Development Consultant, Educator, Author


As an education technology specialist and Accredited Professional Development consultant, Jim is passionate about designing transformative learning experiences in the classroom. He leads school leaders and educators in exploring how technology can support authentic and relevant assessment, provide efficient classroom management, and amplify student achievement. As an educator, his students are his compass in this great adventure of changing the landscape of education.

He has been a Religious and Values Education (Christian Life Ed) teacher at the Grade School Unit of Xavier School – Philippines since 2009. Becoming a 1:1 iPad teacher was a product of his desire to bring innovation into the traditional subject content he is currently teaching and to engage his students into a deeper and more meaningful reflection into their learnings and experiences.

Today, he is one of the heads of the 1:1 Program Committee of the Grade School unit in Xavier School. As an advocate of Ed Tech integration in learning and teaching, he speaks in conferences, designs and facilitates seminar-workshops and trainings for teachers.

He is also a blogger and a writer/ contributor to a local publishing company website (Abiva) dedicated to technology integration in learning and teaching. He is also an education technology specialist and consultant. He works with technology providers, distributors, developers, school leaders, administrations, and teachers.

On March 2016, he was awarded with the Pineau-Clifford Educator’s Award for Outstanding Faculty in Xavier School. The Pineau-Clifford Educator’s Award for Outstanding Faculty was created in memory of these two Jesuit priests, Fr. Cornelius Pineau, S.J., and Fr. Daniel Clifford, S.J., who have taught with dedication in Xavier School. This is bestowed on tenured faculty members who have proven to be consistent and outstanding in their efforts to uplift the status of education at Xavier School. It consists of two categories, namely, Outstanding Junior Faculty (has served for 10 years or less), and Outstanding Senior Faculty (has served for more than 10 years)

In January 2017, Jim became one of the Top 50 Finalists of the 2017 Global Teacher Prize, an international award that is given to an exceptional teacher who has made an outstanding contribution to the profession. He is the first Philippine-based educator to be included as a finalists.

He took up his MA units in Basic Education Teaching in Ateneo de Manila University, where he graduated with a degree in Philosophy. He was a Licensure Examinations for Teacher topnotcher in the Philippines.

He is a member of the global community of Apple Distinguished Educators, Class of 2015, Google Certified Trainer and Educator, and Book Creator and SeeSaw apps ambassador.

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