About Jim Tuscano

Francis Jim Tuscano advocates for three important aspects in education: meaningful integration of technology tools, character and values formation for digital learners to become better citizens and members of the society, and relevant professional learning for teachers.

As an education technology coach, consultant, and trainer, Jim is passionate about designing transformative learning experiences in the classroom that enable learners to become active, reflective, and collaborative creators of knowledge. A sought-after speaker and trainer, he has shared his experiences and expertise in integrating tech tools in class to teachers and school leaders in various professional development sessions, and in local and international conferences held in Singapore, Taiwan, South Korea, Australia, and Qatar among others. He created the 5Ds Framework for Tech Integration in the classroom, an instructional planning framework that seeks to guide educators to design and execute learning experiences that purposefully integrate tech tools.

In 2017, Jim represented the Philippines as a finalist to the Global Teacher Prize. In the same year, Jim was also a finalist for Bato Balani Foundation’s The Many Faces of a Teacher National Teaching Recognition for the best teachers in the Philippines.  Jim was also cited as the Best K-12 Teacher at the Edtech Advocate Awards in the United States. In 2016, he was recognized as the Outstanding Junior Faculty in Xavier School – San Juan. 

He also founded Kids Can Innovation Camp, a school-based learning program that integrated project-based learning, design thing approach, and STEAM that involved engaging & providing K-12 learners the opportunity to become critical thinkers, creative problem-solvers, & active agents of change. The program has been adopted in different schools in the Philippines. The scale the initiative youth organizations and a technology business corporation partnered with Kids Can Innovation Camp and Jim Tuscano to create design challenges based on the initiative. In 2018, the Global Innovation Camp, an international offshoot of the initiative, involved more than 90 schools from more than 20 schools that simultaneously worked on SDG awareness via the camp framework.

He is an Accredited Professional Development Consultant, Apple Distinguished Educator (ADE) and Board Member for the ADE Asia Pacific Region, and Google Certified Trainer. He is currently the chairperson for the Grade School Religious and Values Education department and the Head Education Technology Coach of Xavier School. He graduated, with honors, at the Ateneo de Manila University, with a degree in Philosophy. He took up his Education units also in Ateneo and successfully ranked third at the 2010 Licensure Examinations for Teachers. He is currently finishing his Master in Distance Education, which focuses on online distance learning, at the University of the Philippines.  As a global teacher blogger, he continues to share his ideas on technology integration in his website: “Edtech, Go!” at www.francisjimtuscano.com and via his Twitter PLN @jimtuscano. 

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