Getting Ready: Taiwan Google in Education Summit 2015

AppsEvents Summit Speaker BadgeI was accepted to be a presenter to the first Taiwan Summit featuring Google in Education organized by AppsEvent. I will be presenting the fruit of my Google experience in the classroom, with regards to designing and creating formative assessments using Google Apps for Education.

The link to the summit is here. A part of my presentation’s page is included below.

GAFE: Tools in Checking for Understanding

The session dwells on how Google Apps For Education (GAFE) can become effective tools in checking for students’ understanding. A review on the importance of checking for understanding and the importance of formative assessments will be given time. The main part of the session features sample formative assessments which used GAFE Docs, Forms, Slides and Classroom. How the assessments were designed and made will be discussed. Attendees will be asked to try and answer the sample assessments. Later on, hands-on part will have them create their own GAFE-made formative assessments.

This session requires basic knowledge on Google Docs, Forms, and Slides. A tour of the Google Classroom will be also emphasized as we go along the session.



Review! Grade 6 Fourth Quarter Keynote Presentations for All the Lessons

Hi gentlemen!

Below are the links to all the keynote presentations used in class during our discussions about the 5th, 7th, 8th, and 10th commandments! Practice tests are still available in your CLE Google Classroom. You may also check your Google Drives.



Lesson 8: We Respect the Gift of Life

Sessions 1 and 2: Discussion on the 5th commandment

Lesson 9: We Respect the Property of Other People

Sessions 1 and 2: Discussion on the 7th and 10th commandment

Lesson 10: We Respect the Truth

Sessions 1 and 2: Discussion on the 8th commandment