Designing for Feedback: Formative Assessments in Online Distance Learning

A very crucial part of online distance learning is the presence of helpful formative assessments and timeliness of feedback to the online learners. In an online distance learning environment, we recognize that there is a geographical, pedagogical, and psychological gap between the teacher and learner which can have a negative effect on the side of the [...]

Independent Report to UNESCO & EI: Thinking about Pedagogy in an Unfolding Pandemic

Almost two weeks ago, the second and updated version of the independent report to inform UNESCO and Education International, which I co-authored with Armand Doucet, Koen Timmers, and Dr. Deborah Netolicky, was published by Education International. The independent report, "Thinking about Pedagogy in an Unfolding Pandemic," aims “to inform practice and policy from the people [...]