My 1:1 Mobile Core Apps

Others call them essentials apps. I call them “core apps.”

What are core apps?

Core apps are basically apps that support common or frequently done activities or tasks that a teacher or a student is expected to do in the classroom. Since there are a lot of apps being developed and made available in various apps stores, finding the best or student-friendly apps can be challenging, frustrating and time-consuming for some. It’s a good thing that app reviews and recommendations are readily available and published in the internet. Hence, for an app to be a core app, the app must follow the 3Es I look for: Evaluated, Efficient, and Effective.

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A core app should have gone through various reviews and evaluations and should have been deemed helpful, pedagogically effective, and developmentally appropriate for the users, in this case, the students. When students use the app, they should not be lost or distracted from the learning activity or task due to the complex or hard-to-follow UI or set-up. In some cases where internet connection is challenging, an app that fully works offline is a great recommendation also. The should also take advantage of features such as AirDrop, that enables easy file sharing.


Apple Education, in its book, Evaluating Apps in the Classroom, points further into five criteria that could help educators find the best apps for a specific purpose or activity in class. The five criteria are: developmental appropriateness, instructional design, engagement and motivation, balance of interactive features, and accessibility.

Download the book at the iBook Store.

Check out and explore my collection of EdTech Core apps. Have fun!