File Distribution and Sharing

Turn your classroom into a paperless one!

1. Showbie

520a5beae4b008a4a3c2373d-300x300Showbie promises a paperless classroom because of its great features that support upload and distribution of files such as pdf worksheets to students in a Showbie class. The students can then annotate or accomplish the worksheet or file. Teacher then can provide feedback on the annotated worksheets or papers. There are also apps that are compatible with Showbie, which the teacher and students can take advantage of. A lot of schools have used Showbie. However, to take advantage of its great and awesome features a Pro version must be use. Visit Showbie’s website to know more about it.

Dropbox2. Dropbox

Good ol’ Dropbox. This app has been a great companion. Using it’s cloud services, anyone can store various files in Dropbox. Files are backed up also and can be accessed across various devices. Visit Dropbox to know more.

GoogleDriveIconX3. Google Drive

The super powerful app of the Google Apps suite. Store different files online and access them across devices. Connected Google apps take advantage of the seamless integration within Google Apps. Try Google Drive.

MetroUI-Apps-iCloud-icon4. iCloud

Among Apple devices, iCloud is a great product that features online storage, editing, and sharing among iCloud users. As a cloud service, it is accessible even for non-Apple devices such as PC. iCloud requires an Apple ID. Know more about iCloud here.