Gamified Classroom Management Apps

Manage your classroom with game elements! Turn your class into an adventure, complete with role-playing features and power-wielding moves!

Classcraft-e14338065909591. ClassCraft

ClassCraft combines the magic of adventures, games, and awesome characters with learning and classroom management. Using a role-playing format, teacher can reward experience points and deduct points from student’s life points. I personally love ClassCraft as a classroom management tool since it really gets the attention of and foster cooperation among the students. A free version and premium upgrade are available for teachers. Visit ClassCraft website to know more.

icon175x175-42. Class Dojo

ClassDojo aims to create a safe and amazing classroom community as it let teachers create classes of his students and manages them via the app. Parents can also have an access to the classroom community online. Rewards and encouragement can be given to students, who also have avatars assigned to them. Check ClassDojo’s website to know more.