Gamified Formative Assessment Apps

Because games bring out the best in our students! It’s fun, engaging, and collaborative!

1. Kahoot!

unnamedNot a native mobile app, Kahoot is browser-based application that captured the hearts of my students and of teachers in my school and other schools around the world because of its exciting and engaging game-based quizzes. Complete with energetic background music and scoreboards, Kahoot gives the teacher a fun way to assess what the students learned. It has become a default formative assessment tool in my class. Create your account and start building your first Kahoot quiz. Visit their website.

2. Socrative

icon-student-app An app and browser-based tool, Socrative let teachers create quizzes of various types, exit tickets, quick poll questions, or a space race to assess student’s understanding. The app also turns the quizzes into gamified space race, which captures the students’ attention, increasing the level of engagement in class. It has gone through some updates for the past years and the new look is better than ever. Socrative has a dedicated app for teachers and a separate one for students. Know more about it here.

3. Quizlet

icon175x175-5Quizlet features the creation of flashcards that can be used in various ways in class. These flashcards can be used to test the memory of students or even to ask higher order thinking skills, depending on the goal of the teacher. After creating the flashcards, the teacher can then choose to turn into various gamified assessment activities, such as racing against time, or mixing up the flashcards. Know more about it here.