Graphic Organiser & Sketch Noting Apps

Apps great for taking notes and organising ideas! Taking some formative assessments and activities to a higher level.

1. Popplet

Popplet lets students organise ideas using concept maps, jot down notes, or store information. Images and texts can be added to make the concept maps more engaging. There is a Lite version and a Paid version for iOS devices. It is also available for Mac. Visit their site to know more about the differences.

2. Ideament

ecd57c3cc0fb0263afbe654544bd5e94Ideament is almost the same with Popplet, but features are more flexible. Arrows and lines can be manipulated better to draw and make connections among ideas. In-app-purchase is needed to take advantage of the other features. Check their site to know more.

These apps are great for note-taking. They include features such as the capacity to draw using various pen tools, use various colours for texts and line drawings, and organise files in folders or notes. Sharing features may vary among the apps. Notability is a paid app while the rest are free for download. Annotation of pdf or image files may depend on the app also.

1. Bamboo

2. Paper by 53

3. Sketch Express

4. Notability

5. Evernote

6. Notes (iOS devices)