LMS or Classroom Connection Apps

Learning management systems or simple apps to connect students and teachers, even parents, making sure that learning happens 24/7, wherever the students are.


1. iTunes U

iTunes-U-1.4-for-iOS-app-icon-smallApple‘s own way of making learning 24/7: “With homework hand-in, an integrated grade book, and private discussions, it’s a seamless way to organize your classroom. See how simple it is to deliver lessons, grade assignments, and stay connected — all from your iPad.” iTunes U is an awesome and efficient tool that enables teachers to create public and private courses where students can enrol.

2. Google Classroom

hero_logoGoogle’s own version of making learning and teaching efficient: “Classroom is a new tool in Google Apps for Education that helps teachers create and organize assignments quickly, provide feedback efficiently, and easily communicate with their classes. Classroom helps students organize their work in Google Drive, complete and turn it in, and communicate directly with their teachers and peers.” Read my review when Google Classroom was first released here.

3. SeeSaw

SeeSaw appA great classroom connection, portfolio app for students, especially for the younger ones. Read my review about SeeSaw here.

4. Edmodo

com.fusionprojects.edmodoEdmodo is a great online avenue for students and teachers to continue discussion, practice some tests, attach and submit files online. Parents can even have an access to view the activities of the class online. Resources for teachers have been created as guides. An annual Edmodo Conference is held to let educators share about their experiences and discover more on how Edmodo helps in learning and teaching. Know more about Edmodo. Visit their site.

Other great app: Schoology