More Core Apps

There are still more core apps that I use which do not belong to any category I put up. However, like the other core apps, these are also of an essential role in the classroom.


1. Padlet

unnamed-2An online wall where students can post ideas or pictures. Padlet is accessible through browser and now, has it own native mobile app. Features include real-time collaboration, easy sharing via QR Codes, and a lot mote. Padlet app has a built-in QR scanner. It has been a very valuable and go-to app for idea sharing and presentation in my class. Know more about Padlet here.

2. Trading Cards

screen-shot-2013-01-29-at-8-16-55-amTrading Cards app allow users, especially students, to organise and present their learnings through customisable cards. These cards can be used to present ideas about a fictional or real person, places, events, or even vocabulary words. The created cards can be saved in the iPad. Using various sharing methods, such as AirDrop, students can share their cards and trade them with anyone. Read more about Trading Cards here.

3. Aurasma

unnamed-3Aurasma lets users create Augmented Reality experiences or Auras using triggers, images, and videos. Auras has been used in class for more interactive and engaging environment. Know more about Aurasma here.

4. Skitch

202A simple but handy and powerful annotation app. Snap pictures or use photos to be annotated with words, symbols, and shapes. Skitch is a free app.