iPad2 One2One: Class Orientation

Before beginning the iPad class in CLE with 4E, I asked the helped of the NeXT Team to orient the boys about the use of iPad2 and certain applications that we will used in class.

The orientation happened during our Study Hall period. The whole class was more than excited! When the NeXT Team entered the classroom with the iPad cart, the class was in chaos. Well, who can blame them?

The orientation started with the rules and routines during iPad classes. I explained to them that they have to take care of the gadgets lent to them. On their part, the students promised to take care of them.

Then, the NeXT team distributed the iPads to each student in class. After just a couple of minutes, some boys were already touching and lifting the iPads from their tables. Some of them forgot the rules already. Reminder after reminder after reminder. Finally, the ultimatum: Only boys following the rules will have the iPads on their table.

First application that they need to learn, Keynote. Mr. Galvin Ngo shared his knowledge about the app. The boys were so eager to try it. Some are even knowledgeable about its use already. In general, they easily learned how to use Keynote. Some of things they learned included adding and re-sizing media or text, adding animation and even capturing a slide through print screen. 

Second on the list is Dropbox. This application is very convenient and easy to use. Ms. Jessica Demegilio taught them how to upload and view files from Dropbox. This could be used for sharing group works and products.

Things learned:

1. Orientation is a must. Before you dive into any activity involving students, orient them first. This will help them understand the objectives, rules and expectations of the activity.

2. Know your students. Make sure you know how they behave. Always have some ways of reinforcements to good behaviors.

3. Discuss rules and routines clearly. Explain why they need to follow them. Have them understand the spirit behind the letters.

4. Ask help from the experts. They know everything about the gadget. Ask them to share what they know in class. Students appreciate it when they learn from the experts. They feel special.


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