App, App, and Away: SeeSaw for Showcasing Student Learnings

Looking for a simple app that students can use to demonstrate their learning? SeeSaw app gives you more than that!

What is SeeSaw?

SeeSaw appSeeSaw is a Learning Journal app that enables students to create an online and digital portfolio of their learnings in class. It enables students to reflect on their learnings and even on the learning process that happens in class. These help them to be aware of where they are in terms of the lessons being learning and how to further improve their performance in class. The interface of the app is student-friendly that even those in the lower grades can easily use it. Using various media such as photos, documents, videos, or voice recordings, students can document what they have learned in class.

Taking it further, these documents are readily available for the teacher to view. The documents, pictures, or videos are properly organised in folders. The teacher also moderates the SeeSaw group of the class. Log-in problems and issues for younger children are also answered and given a simplistic solution by the SeeSaw app using log-in text codes or QR codes. This wonderful app also provides a bridge for the parents to see and understand how their child is learning in class. This, hopefully, gives the parents a more transparent view of the learning that happens in class. Furthermore, it gives guidance on how they can assist their children when they study at home.

SeeSaw in Action

Taking learning and reflection to a higher level, students have started to make use of digital portfolios to curate their process of understanding. While traditional portfolios have worked before, the introduction of apps such as SeeSaw marked a multi-modal approach of curating student’s learning. Students were able to create mind maps to draw connections with what they have learned. Voice notes and image capture enabled students to showcase and share their work to their classmates. Meaningful feedback from students and teachers were posted real-time. This has become an effective way for students to even personally reflect on how they learned and understood the topics in class.

Source: SeeSaw app Youtube Channel

Some teachers have made use of SeeSaw as a venue for students to answer assessments, marking a certain shift to a paperless classroom. But more than that, the students were given the opportunity to learn from their mistakes because they now have the access to their previous works. SeeSaw has become a great means for teachers to help students further improve their learnings through easy-to-access formative assessment or activities.

Moreover, students were also given the opportunity to showcase their learnings to their classmates. The simple act of sharing what they have learned via SeeSaw has made learning and knowledge-building a communal construction and activity. Hence, more that knowledge curation, SeeSaw has provided an avenue, for students, to authentic knowledge-building.

Know more about SeeSaw

Interested in using SeeSaw app? Go and check out the SeeSaw Ambassador’s page and find an ambassador in or near your place. Visit the dedicated page for Teacher Resources, such as lessons.

Download is a free to download app and available across iOS, Android, Kindle Fire, Chromebooks and browsers such Chrome and Firefox. Visit their official website.


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